To the listener,

 I'm a songwriter from Sonoma County.  I grew up in nature,  with family all around.  First time I played live, was in the church band, playing back up rhythm guitar to my Dad.  Both my parents wrote a little, played guitar, sang at weddings/funerals, and in church.  Music made life make sense to me and gave my heart the words it needed to process big emotions.  Singing and writing were always my escape growing up and really did get me through the tough times...emotionally.  Music is all about feeling to me.  I think it's that simple and that hard.   It's the most beautiful expression I can think of and l love that it cuts through everything.  It never matters what language you speak, how old you are, where you come from...it is blind because it is love expressed in sound.  It is magic.

All my songs come from the heart, they are cathartic.  Words from images, memories and feelings.  Sounds of emotion.  I write lyrics first.  I usually feel the song near and like a dream can be gone in a vapour, if I don't give it the space and trust it needs. 

Songwriting is the place where I am most vulnerable, and where I've found the most strength.  It's the most terrifying and the most rewarding.  

To the dreamers, feelers, broken hearted and oppressed.   

You are enough and I love you.